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I ran into this guy recently that I knew in college, and he started telling stories about this person and that person, and remember we went here and remember that, and remember when that happened and he's getting more and more excited and partway through our conversation I had this thought, that was years ago! It seemed in some way as if he's still back there like he never left as if those, as if those were the best years of his life. Theres this fascinating interaction in one of the accounts of Jesus life its right after he's been ressurected and so its the central event in human history. Its the event at the center of the christian faith and Jesus has just risen from the dead and the first person He sees is Mary Magdalene and He says to her "dont hold on to me". The first thing Jesus does after being ressurected is He tells someone not to hold on to him?

Perhaps a little background would help. In the book of Luke, it says that Jesus had this group of women who travelled with Him and supported Him and that they learned from Him, and they were actually the ones who paid His bills out of their own pockets. And its written that one of these women her name was Mary Magdalene and that she had had seven demons but Jesus had delivered her from them. Wait, seven demons I mean come on, this is one of those passages that I could use a little more information here but whatever it means, it's safe to say this woman has a story. Her life has been drastically transformed because of this Jesus that she's met. She owes Him everything. I mean imagine spending that kind of time with someone and then watching them killed on an execution stake and no wonder she stays around after everyone else has deserted them. And then shes the one who comes to the tomb a few days later and finds out its empty, and so she goes looking for the body and she's the one whos in the garden looking for the body when she runs into this man who she thinks is the gardener and then all of a sudden she realizes its Jesus and he's alive and He's back. And so she goes to embrace Him and he says 'Mary, don't hold on to me'. I mean wait, this is Jesus like the divine embodiment of love and compassion and Mary goes it looks like to hug Him and He says 'Dont'. I mean are we missing something? Mary assumes that He's back right? That Hes back and alive and so things are going to go back to how they always were, back in the good old days when they would all eat these big meals as a group when they would travel and tell stories and laugh. But Jesus hasn't returned to make things how they were. Things have changed. Mary, things aren't gonna be how they were.

My friend has a daughter, she's in junior high and we were all at a party recently and she started talking about the boys at her school and my friend is saying I don't want to know this, please don't tell me this and she's laughing and he's laughing and we're all laughing but there was something else going on there, because my friend's little daughter isn't a little girl. She's turning into a woman right before his eyes and for a Dad that isn't easy. So he does the don't tell me this I don't want to know that you're noticing boys or that boys are noticing you so its funny and we all laugh, but the truth is its also its painful, because life isn't static, is it? It ebbs and it flows and people grow up and move away and graduate and lose their jobs and people that you love die and some people get married and others don't and some get divorced and some get cancer and things aren't how they were.

Now after Jesus talks with Mary Magdelene He goes and appears to His other disciples, the ones who deserted Him, and He tells them that it's time for them to take His message to the ends of the earth. He tells them it's a whole new day, everythings changed and God's gonna give them everything they need, He essentially tells them they are going to recieve a new spirit, one for today, and He promises them that they're going to have everything they need for their new life.

Think about the couple who have been married for years and they speak with longing about the early days when they were just starting out and after a while you begin to wonder would they go back there if they could? Or the person who is the star athlete 20 years ago and they're still talking about it, and there's this kind of faraway look in their eyes and theres a longing in their voice and you begin to wonder do they believe that their best years are behind them? Or maybe you've been part of a group where there is this impulse to long for how it used to be, you know back when we were starting out, back when it was the first time, back when everything was new, but its not, everything isn't new, we aren't who we were and things aren't how they were. I mean how much energy do people spend wishing things were how they were? If you need to celebrate how good it was then celebrate, if you need to remember how great it was when they were alive, then remember that. And if you need to grieve, grieve. If you need to apologize or make amends or you need to do something to make peace with how it was then do it, but then move on. I mean there is a certain kind of despair that sets in when we believe that things were better back then. You know when we're stuck back there and when we're not fully present when we're still holding on to how things were our arms aren't free to embrace today.

As it's written in the book of James you don't even have a guarantee about tomorrow I mean we can't change how it was, and we have no guarantees about tomorrow, all we have is today. I mean if you live in the fantasy that you'll get around to it tomorrow, that you'll get around to them tomorrow you will wake up, and it will not be tomorrow, it will be yesterday and you will have missed it, you will have missed them and if you're a parent a Mom or a Dad the answer isn't to freeze your kids in time so that they don't grow up you know and try and keep them younger than they are. The answer is to be so fully present here and now that you don't miss a thing in this day and then you can let them go and you can let them be who they are because you dont have any regrets because you were there the whole way.

Jesus, when He was talking with Mary Magdalene after the do not hold on to me part, you know what He tells her to do? He says now go, and tell everybody else whats happening. He gives her a part to play, theres a role for her now. Is Jesus saying to you right now about anything, about anybody, about any time. Let go, and recieve a new spirit. So may you accept the path for what it is. May you celebrate what needs to be celebrated and grieve what needs to be grieved and then may you recieve from God a new spirit, one for here, now, today.


Transcribed by R.M. Flight

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