Help us spread the word!

Would you like to display a Take Back Canada sign?
Place them on houses, fences and trees, overpasses, and barns, in car windows - anywhere...
silently calling Canadians back to the values that used to be the norm in our nation.
And, with the reference to this website on each one,
the signs provide a means by which the curious can educate themselves
on these issues of fundamental importance.

TBC signs are NOT "Copyright" protected.

You can make your own signs, big or small.
This is a grassroots movement; we do not own it. We just offer this site
as an information source, and a resource to the many pro-family, pro-life
individual Christians and groups across our fair country...and, really,
to anyone who is curious and open minded.

Two suggestions:

- Go to Business Depot, and order up lots of business card size "mini-signs",
and pass them out to people... perhaps include some in your greeting cards,
pin them on bulletin boards, etc.

- Order a rubber stamp, with the web site on it. Stamp all your letters, etc.
Generate some curiosity from everyone who handles that envelope.

Please forward any more suggestions you may have.

Together, we can make a difference.

God loves you.