Don't believe anything you read on these web pages, or, for that matter, anything you see on the internet or in the media, unless it is consistent with what you already know to be true, or unless you have taken the time to RESEARCH the matter to prove its accuracy to your satisfaction. This is known as (such as in Acts 17:11) "doing your homework."

We are not responsible for the content of external sites. Please note that although some of the sites we link to are quite denominational or partisan in nature, and may contain some material that we might not entirely agree with, we find they DO contain very useful information. We therefore offer them for your perusal.

I have to say this... If I spent enough time with ANYONE, I'm sure we could find SOMETHING to disagree about... There are a lot of strong opinions amongst different groups. I understand that doctrinal differences are important. But, what unites Christians should be more important than what sometimes divides us. Let's show some grace and courtesy to each other. Read John 17:17-23 - it's the ultimate apologetic...

What about violence?
Occasionally, we hear about violence against abortionists, or against homosexual activists, etc... Such instances are NOT the work of any genuine pro-life, pro-family person or organisation that we have ever heard of. Our stand is that we should treat each human being with respect. Violence is wrong; whether the shooting of abortionists, or "gay bashing", etc... OR... the killing of defenseless unborn children. That kind of violence is always wrong. Not because today's "law" says so, or because the majority of people might think so. It's wrong because God said so, in His Word. It is God who has given life its meaning and value.

The free exchange of information in the marketplace of ideas is to be encouraged. That is what we are attempting to do with Take Back Canada. However, we have already received some very nasty email feedback. There are elements of society who do not want others to hear certain ideas - therefore, they will try to shut them up. In Canada, the so-called "Human Rights Commissions" have demonstrated a clear bias against anyone operating from a Judeo-Christian reference point. It's sad that these HRCs are organ of the government, and are paid for from our tax dollars.

What course of action do we suggest? Pray for gutless politicians. Pray for those involved in the abortion industry, that they will repent, that God will heal and forgive them, and change their lives around. Pray for those involved in the mainstream media. Help those with problem pregnancies, assist those living with AIDS. Those kind of things... Do no harm.

But, do not neglect to inform yourself on family and life issues. Excercise your rights (and duties) as a Canadian. Be a conscientious citizen - and get involved in the political process. Speak up! Oppose the lies and pressure tactics of those who want to abort the unborn, those who desire your children or who work to pervert the meaning of "family". Write letters to the newspapers, and to politicians. Mobilize your church to once again be "salt" in this world.

If not YOU, then who? If not NOW, then when? - That's more than just a slogan. What are YOU going to do with the information you gain?

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Thank you for your concern.