REAL Women of Canada

Women Building a Better Society”

NGO in SPECIAL consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations

July 13, 2009

The Right Honourable Stephen Harper

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2

Dear Mr. Harper:

Re: Federal funding of Toronto’s Gay Pride Parade

REAL Women of Canada is deeply offended that your government has given $400,000 of the taxpayers’ money to support the Toronto Gay Pride Parade in June 2009. According to newspaper reports, part of this funding was to be directed towards marketing and programming of the 10-day activity which, according to will “make sure that these events continue to be competitive on the world stage”. Why does your government regard this as significant?

The Gay Pride Parade is well known for its full nudity, open engagement in public sexual acts and its deliberate disregard of behaviour acceptable to most sectors of Canadian society. The parade is about hedonistic exhibitionism and narcissism, promoting a deadly form of sexuality. The parade is designed to shock and titillate and the week-long “celebration” has become an excuse for partying, drug use and promiscuity.

To argue that this grant has an economic and tourism benefit is to naively accept the homosexual propaganda that over a million individuals actually attend the event. This is not possible because, if this figure were correct, the crowds would have had to be 80 deep along the 3.1 kilometer parade route. This is an absurdity. The crowd density was, on average 4-6 people deep and the total number of people can be generously set, at most, at approximately 154,000 persons: far fewer than attend Toronto’s annual Caribana Parade each August. It is also highly questionable that the “celebrations” that week contribute millions to the economy, as alleged, as this figure again appears to be part of the air of unreality surrounding the event.

There can be no long-term stimulus by giving taxpayers’ money to homosexual groups. Such individuals do not make a substantive contribution to society by producing and raising children – essential for the future of our country. Instead, their high medical and social costs are not a public benefit. Canadian families are struggling in these difficult economic times, and a grant of this magnitude, to promote a hedonistic lifestyle, serves only to devalue their struggle.

The Conservative government’s decision to contribute to the promotion and marketing of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade condones the homosexual life style. It is an indication of your government’s abandonment of your political base. A low voter turnout in federal elections is already a concern, and this grant will only serve to exacerbate this problem for the Conservative government.

Yours truly,

Cecilia Forsyth

National President