FreeMasons in the Baptist Church

Dear Ed,
My wife and I have attended a small Baptist Church for about 3 years. I recently discovered our pastor has been a member of the Freemasons for over thirty years. Information I've read has convinced me that a Christian should not be associated with this organization. When I asked him about it he said, and I quote, "It's a great organization, better than the church in many ways, they kick you out if you don't do what they say", end quote. Sadly I'm not that studied in God's Word, what would you advise me to do?
- Tom
Dear Tom,
Truth? Leave the church... I am sure the deacons board are Masons as well, as is the case in such situations. It is such a pity that a man of God is really serving a false god, Jaobulon, in Freemasonry. After 30 years in it, I am sure he has no plans to repent. How can the Holy Spirit operate in a congregation when its leader is bowing before other gods?? It cannot.
- Ed

The above is from the March 2007 Update, on the Saints Alive website ( .

Although it is general knowledge that there are many FreeMasons at work amongst Baptist churches here in Atlantic Canada, that does not mean it's happening in your particular church. However, you owe it to the people in your family and your congregation to find out. It's especially important if FreeMasons have infiltrated the higher levels of leadership in the Convention. I believe this may explain some of the recent baffling decisions - from this "leadership" - to bring in the heretical teachings of the "Emerging Church Movement" into not only the CABC, but all across CBM.

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