The Liberal Party and Child Sexual Abuse


                                                         Child Abuse           


Anne McLellan and the Liberal Party of Canada claim they are “committed to protecting Canada’s children from sexual predators”. Their voting record and history of political and judicial appointments suggests otherwise.


Sadly the pro-pedophile lobby, with the help of Liberal politicians, certain judges, some media and some academics, has succeeded in eroding our nation’s laws protecting children. While the majority of Canadians want the age of consent raised from the ridiculous low age of 14, a small number of people are becoming confused regarding these matters.


For those who are confused we want to assure you, children engaging in sexual activity with adults is harmful and potentially deadly. Liberal politicians, gay activist lobby groups, Liberal judges and their friends in the media  claim children should have the “right” to engage in sodomy and sexual intercourse with adults. This pro-pedophile drift in our government and judiciary has more to do with catering to the desires of homosexual activist groups like EGALE, pornographers like John Robin Sharpe, and perverts like Defense Minister Bill Graham than about caring for the well being of children.


Here is a summary of symptoms taken from various child abuse websites and medical journals detailing what happens to children when they engage in sexual activity with adults. This evidence was presented to the Liberal government when Canada’s age of consent law was being debated. After reviewing the evidence, Anne McLellan (and an overwhelming majority of Liberals) voted in favour of legalizing sexual activity between adults and children as young as age 14.


Symptoms of childhood sexual abuse:


Inappropriate interest in, or knowledge of, sexual acts

Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS

Rectal/genital injuries

Avoidance of things related to sexuality, or rejection of own genitals or bodies

Nightmares and bed wetting

Drastic changes in appetite

Over compliance or excessive aggression

Fear of a particular person or family member

Withdrawal, secretiveness or depression

Suicidal behaviour

Eating disorders


Does Anne McLellan and a majority of Liberal’s believe a perceived right to sodomy and other forms of sexual expression is more important than protecting children from harm? Look at the Liberal voting and appointment record and decide for yourself.

1.   In spite of credible revelations dating back to April 2002 about Bill Graham, a sex addicted bi-sexual,                                                                                                                           

sodomizing a 15 year old male prostitute named Lawrence Metherel, Paul Martin allowed Graham to remain Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister - and eventually named him to the portfolio of Minister of Defense. Anne McLellan is aware of the “affair” and refuses to comment on her colleague’s alleged child abuse.


2.       On Sept. 28/2005 a vote was held in Parliament to raise the age of consent from 14 (one of the lowest age of consents in the world) to 16 (an age which many still consider too low). Evidence of American sex tourists traveling to Canada to exploit 14 and 15 year olds was presented in Parliament. A story about a 14 year old mentally challenged girl in Red Deer being victimized by a 40 year old man and her parents being powerless to prevent the abuse was presented. Even though the medical and psychological harm of anal and genital intercourse was discussed, Bill Graham, Paul Martin, and Anne McLellan, on Sept. 28th, voted against raising the age of consent to 16.


  1. Paul Martin lied about public accountability and open and meaningful consultation when it comes to appointments to Canada’s Supreme Court. Instead, with no meaningful consultation, he appointed a radical left wing and pro-homosexual activist by the name of Rosalie Abella. Abella’s claim to fame was acquitting a 23 year old man of sodomizing a 14 year old girl. Journalist Rory Leishman commented, in the Oct 2004 issue of Interim Publications, on her notorious ruling:


Abella, with the support of two colleagues on the Ontario Court of Appeal, let the man off on the ground that the Criminal Code violates the alleged equality rights of sodomites in s. 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, by stipulating age 18 as the minimum age of consent for sodomy, but only 14 as the minimum age of consent to all other sexual acts. “In my view,” wrote Abella, “s. 159 (of the Criminal Code) arbitrarily disadvantages gay men by denying to them until they are eighteen a choice available at the age of fourteen to those who are not gay, namely, their choice of sexual expression with a consenting partner to whom they are not married. Anal intercourse is a basic form of sexual expression for gay men.”


Note that the man charged in this case was not gay. Typically, that was of no account to Abella. She views the Charter as a license to roam far beyond the facts of the dispute under adjudication for the purpose of changing the law to conform to her personal, ideological convictions.”


This perverted ruling obviously impressed Paul Martin. He appointed Abella to the Supreme Court of Canada!


 4.  While serving as Minister of Justice, Anne McLellan refused to investigate a cover up of child sexual abuse 

by RCMP officers at the Kingsclear Training School for Boys. Multiple witnesses named RCMP Staff Sgt.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Clifford McCann as their abuser - but he was never charged. Conservative MP Peter Goldring questioned McLellan about this travesty of justice and was bluntly told by McLellan that she intended to do “absolutely nothing” about the RCMP cover up of child sexual abuse at Kingsclear Training School.


We could say more but this should suffice if you care about the well being of children. Morally we have a responsibility to protect our children from predators, even if the state declares 14 year olds to be fair game for adults who want to have sex with them. We plead with the government, police, and courts to protect our children and vigorously prosecute pedophiles who use children, including those who are 14 and 15 years old.


If the police, courts and government are unwilling to protect our children we declare in no uncertain terms that it is the responsibility of parents to protect their children from harm, using all means necessary including violence to ensure predators have no access to their children. Please write a letter to the editor of the newspaper of your choice to let both the politicians and greater community know you will stand with the vulnerable children, even when Anne McLellan and the Liberal government does not.


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This flyer is being distributed in memory of John McCarthy and Martin Kruze, two fourteen year old boys who were sodomized by homosexuals at the Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens in the late 1970s. At age 34 Martin Kruze committed suicide. John McCarthy turned to a life of drugs and alcohol to numb his pain. Martin’s abuser, Gordon Stuckless was sentenced to 5 years in prison after being convicted of multiple sex offenses. If Stuckless restricted his activities to 14 year olds we are not convinced he would spend a day behind bars today.   

“It would be better to have a millstone hanged around one’s neck, and be thrown into the sea, than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” - Jesus Christ