Canadian Baptists going down "Emerging Church Road"

Have you ever been told ...
"Our Baptist churches are not going down the Emerging Church Road" ?
That may be a bit hard to believe in light of recent developments across Canada....

I encourage you to do a little research on this very important subject.
This page should help you in doing exactly that. Enjoy!

The Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches
chose Emerging Church chief spokesman Brian McLaren to be their
"keynote speaker" at their "2006 Conference on Evangelism" last October!

Even though, because of his views on salvation and other issues,
the Kentucky Baptist Convention recently revoked their invitation
for McLaren to speak at their Convention's evangelism conference, after he
said that followers of Jesus might not be the only ones to gain salvation.
However, the leadership of the CABC gave their full and steadfast
endorsement of McLaren's teachings. They actually declared that the teachings
of Brian McLaren to be ORTHODOX! (Perhaps they didn't read his books....)

Admittedly, not everything McLaren teaches is heresy....
He actually makes a few useful observations about the modern world
and how churches might try to reach out to their neighbours. However,
there are so many anti-Biblical statements and un-sound doctrines,
such as his ambiguous musings on the inerrancy and authority of Holy
Scripture and the vicarious penal substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ
on the Cross, the existence of hell, etc., etc. contained in McLaren's works
that he should not be invited to teach Christian people how to "do" church.

Understandably, this issue has caused some controversy here
in Atlantic Canada. For a sampling of the comments received, so far,
from CABC pastors and "lay people" alike, please click here:

Atlantic Baptists' COMMENTS

... and, here:

One Pastor's assessment of this situation.


This recently came in (2007) from a concerned CABC pastor:


Thursday, March 22nd - at the Bridgewater United Baptist Church

For all pastors in the Lunenburg /Queens region - FREE FOOD!

Speaker: Regional Minister, Wayne Fevens, and a "pastors panel"

Theme: "The Pastor as a Meaning Maker" (What is that?!)

Including Video portions of BRIAN MCLAREN speaking at the October,
2006 Missions Conference at St. Andrews, NB!

It is understood that the usual practice is for each CABC region to have
a similar Pastors' Summit - and to present the same basic presentation
- the same story. All pastors are expected to follow the leadership's
decisions in these matters.

The leadership of the CABC has determined that is our Convention will
support the Emerging Church Movement, even though it contains so
many errors. The decision has been made, and no one is permitted to
openly question it.

Youth Pastors and youth workers from across Canada are being invited to
attend the CBM-sponsored Canadian Youth Workers Conference, in the Fall.
The conference is being done by "Youth Specialties" otherwise known as
"EmergentYS" - founded by the late Mike Yaconelli, another major mover
in the Emerging Church Movement.

"Emergent YS" is heavily pushing the works of ECM leaders, such as Brian
McLaren, Leonard Sweet, Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, Erwin McManus, and
of course, Mike (and Mark) Yaconelli.

And, these teachers, masquerading
as angels of light, are the ones who Canadian Baptist Ministries has chosen to
form the thinking and the ministry of Youth Leaders from all across Canada!

Another prominent leader and teacher of the Emerging Church Movement,
Leonard Sweet, has been invited to be the BCOQ's Assembly Theme Speaker,
this coming June:



The Emergent-driven "Sacred Cows" seminar, targetted for use across Canada,
chock full of "emerging church" terminology and influence:


.. and .. AND, HERE

Ever heard of the "Living Spiritual Teachers Project" ??
The CABC is now bringing in even more thoroughly Emerging Church influences
via an organization called "RENOVARE."

Here's a recent letter from CABC HQ:

Dear Pastor,

Our Convention Council has endorsed a conference on spiritual formation in Moncton, April 11-12, 2008.
The event will be put on by Renovare, an equipping ministry led by Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, and others.

Below is a letter from Berys Richardson, the chair of the steering committee for this conference.
If you have any questions, please contact Berys directly.

March 2007

Dear friends in Christ,

I am writing this letter to present to you a meaningful opportunity for Renewal in the Maritime Provinces. Twenty -five years ago I read a book called "The Celebration of Discipline" by Richard Foster. I was challenged to explore and experience the disciplines of the Christian faith and my life was never the same again.

In November of 2005 I had the privilege of meeting this man, who had impacted my life through his writing, at a Renovare' conference and asked him if he would consider doing a regional conference in New Brunswick. He was most interested and put me in touch with his organization, Renovare to begin the process of making this a reality.

The purpose of this letter is three fold: 1) to introduce you to Renovare' and it's goals and purposes, 2) To present you with the projected goal of bringing a conference to Moncton and the Maritimes, and 3) to ask you to prayerfully consider serving on the committee or contributing in some way to make this a reality.

First, Renovare' a Latin word that means "to make new," was founded by Richard Foster in 1988 as a means of bringing a balanced vision for personal and spiritual renewal. Martin Marty, noted church historian has said, "Renovare' will renew churches like a gentle breeze blowing across the land." The primary instruments for spreading this "gentle breeze," are written resources, conferences and seminars.

Second, our goal is to bring Renovare' and Richard Foster to Moncton in April 11-12 of 2008 (Fri night and Sat.). This goal can only be realized as God raises up a team of active participants who have a hunger for God and a desire to share this "gentle breeze" and renewal with their churches and the Christian Community. Organizing such a conference will require the involvement of a number of co-sponsoring churches and parachurch organizations who would be willing to commit to the following:

- To pray for the conference or lead a prayer group
- To provide a person to serve on the steering committee
- To support the Conference financially
- To promote the Conference to its membership and other related people; and
- To provide volunteers on the Conference weekend

Third, would you prayerfully consider what role you, your church, or individuals you know who are hungry for renewal could play in this great opportunity. If you are interested in learning more about Renovare' or the organizing of a conference, log on to ,click on journey, then click on regional conferences After you have taken the time to prayerfully consider this opportunity please let me know what part you can play in bringing this conference to Moncton and if your church would like to be involved. Further information will be emailed regarding the criteria for involvement in a separate attachment. If you have questions please email me at the address below.

Since we are expected to have the names of the sponsoring churches on our brochures, and we need to have these printed by the end of June we would appreciate your response before the end of May. The brochures are being requested for summer denominational conventions which explains the June deadline. Thank you for your attention to this.


Berys Richardson (Steering Committee chair)

Rev. Bruce Fawcett, Ph.D.
Associate Executive Minister
Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

Post: 1655 Manawagonish Road, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada E2M 3Y2
Voice: (506) 635-1922 Ext. 105
Fax: (506) 635-0366

You deserve a bit of background on this Richard Foster and his teachings:


Is there any justification for suspecting that "leaders" in the Canadian Baptist
churches are vigourously moving things along in a certain direction -
like, maybe, the "Emerging Church Road"?

Please pray for the people who attend these churches.

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